Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Big 5-0!

Well, the day has finally arrived. I still haven't totally come to grips with this number yet. I got my AARP application a month ago, and I haven't even opened it. I am in denial yet. How can this be? I don't feel that old. I am one of those young-at-heart kinds of people. I see that number and I stop and think about what it really is...
...I have lived over half of my life
...I will, hopefully be retired in a little under 20 years - Yikes! daughter will be 21 in September...21! Ugh! parents are only getting older (I have already lost my dad)

It's these milestone birthdays that always make me a little depressed. I was ok with 40, but just makes me feel like the end is closer than I realize. Scary.

I watched a video on Facebook the other day - - it was about regrets. I have so many...and many are deep. I know that some of these are what hold me back. I just haven't found a way to wipe the slate clean. It seems easy...but it really isn't.

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