Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Packed my bag...

Time to get my butt off the couch (or chair in my case) and back to working out! I packed my gym bag this morning, and will trek to the Y after work today. I am pretty sure it's going to be packed. I work part-time at the Y, and I worked last night. It was crazy busy. So much so, that our parking lot was full! People had to park at a nearby business. That is crazy! Hoping to get there before the rush.

I need to establish a routine again. I do so much better when I have a routine. I find that when my routine is thrown off, it takes me a while to readjust. Case in point, my daughter came home from school last May and I haven't worked out since! Her bedroom was my workout space at the time. Once she moved back...it threw me out of my routine and I just couldn't readjust. I got a part-time job at the Y hoping to jump start my activity. I have been there for about 2-1/2 months and have only worked out one time! Pathetic!

I need to readust my mindset. I have to come to grips with the fact that I have been using the crutch called "excuses". I don't believe in excuses, and I need to get away from using that word. It's not an excuse, it's a CHOICE! My choice. I am the only one that is accountable for my actions. Me.

Let's get moving people!!

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