Wednesday, October 17, 2018

WW Freestyle - It's All About the Mindset

If I have learned anything in the last 6 months, it's that it is so important to be in the right mindset. You have to want to do this. If you don't, you won't succeed. I have also learned that the want is all up to me. I don't have to report my success or struggles to anyone. They are mine to deal with. I don't really discuss the program with anyone, unless they ask. I don't go looking for compliments. That's not what this is about this time. I am not on a schedule, there is no timeline to follow. This is me, learning to live a healthier life...figuring out what works and doesn't work for me.

I am so close to the 50lb mark. So close. But, I have yet to get there, and I know the reason why. I am enjoying life. I had a girls retreat this past weekend. I know I don't make the best decisions during those weekends and I am ok with that. I am back on program this week. This coming weekend is our last camping trip of the year. It's a big deal, and there is a lot of food around. I am going to try and make the weekend about being with my friends and family, and keeping the food away. I will bring healthy options for myself. I so badly want to hit 50, but I am not going to beat myself up if it doesn't happen this week.

I noticed, that while on my retreat that my food choices were seriously lacking. My body noticed too. I didn't feel great. I ate when I didn't need to. There was candy everywhere. I knew I was making bad choices, but I made them anyway. I am letting it go, and moving forward. I noticed that I feel so much better when I make healthier food choices. That in itself was kind of a revelation. It's ok to not feel "full" all of the time. I actually prefer it.

I am going to get my WATP DVD's out this week and get a few workouts in before I head to the campground. I haven't done my workout in quite some time. I feel like it's time to get moving.

Here's to a great weekend!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

WW Freestyle - Levels of Learning

When I joined Weight Watchers again, I will admit I was a little scared. Having done this once with great success, only to fall back to where I started, was a little daunting. I wasn't sure I could do it again. I realized before my first meeting that I had to let the past go. I had to stop trying to figure out why I gained all of what I lost back. It wasn't helping me at all. So, I cleared my head and dove in. It was comforting to see my old leader was still there. I had a great relationship with her in the past, and I trust her.

I sat through the meeting, and after the meeting was the "new member" information. I couldn't wrap my head around this new program. There wasn't much weighing and measuring. How are you supposed to know if you are eating too much or not enough. The first few weeks were all about learning and listening to my body. Learning to listen to your body is a huge part of this program. It's not something that can be learned in a week, as I quickly found out. I had to teach myself to stop when I am satisfied. Constant assessment is necessary for the first month, and truthfully, all of the time!

When I would feel vulnerable, I would ask myself "are you really hungry?", "is eating that going to get you where you want to be?", and "is there a better option?". These are the questions I am constantly asking myself. If you have never had a weight problem, then you do not understand that food is always on your mind...always.

I will be in this for 16 weeks at my next meeting. It has gone so quickly. I am so proud of my progress so far. I am hoping to hit 35lbs at my next weigh in. That averages out to about 2lbs per week. Pretty darn good I'd say. I am constantly learning about myself, because this is my life from here on out.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

WW Freestyle - Revelation

I had a bit of an epiphany last week. I am the child of an alcoholic. My father was an alcoholic, his father was an alcoholic. My father was a wonderful man, and I am proud to say he kicked his addiction. He was sober for 20 years. He passed away 8 years ago, and I miss him every single day. He is, to this day, the voice in my head.

I always was aware of his addiction, and feared it most of my life. What if that happened to me? Is this genetic? Could be. That is always in the back of my mind. It occured to me last week, that maybe this did happen to me. The difference is, my addiction is not alcohol, it's food. I have been heavy most of my life. I always found comfort in food. If I was sad, food would make me happy. If I was lonely, food would always be there for me. It became addictive. My husband would leave for a weekend, and the first thing I thought of was "what can I eat this weekend, since he won't be here". I would eat anything and everything. I look back at this now, and I realize that food is my addiction. How do you break an addiction? Especially an addiction to food. You need to eat to survive. Alcohol you can live without...but food?

This time my WW journey is more about the "why". I am really thinking about where I want to be, how I am going to get there, and what will happen once I do. Right now I am doing great. I have only had one gain in 3 months, and that was kind of on purpose. What happens when things start to slow down. I have about 70 more pounds to lose. Things are going to slow down. I want to know that I have changed my behaviors enough that once that happens, I will push through and succeed. This is my life.

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Weight Watcher Freestyle - Love!

I re-started my journey on February 26, 2018. Weight Watchers had a pretty good deal going so I decided it was time to give it another try. I am no stranger to WW. Ten years ago I did WW and was very successful. I lost 90lbs in about a year. I was 10 pounds from my goal weight, and somehow I lost focus or got burnt out, and have since gained it all back. For the past 10 years I have tried to lose weight and have had some success, but always gained it back. I have tried to figure out what it was that I did to fail. I beat myself up on the regular about it.

Fast forward to February 2018. I had gotten an email from WW about a pretty great deal if you joined, so I's time, and I signed up. I went to my first meeting and it went well. My leader was the same one I had 10 years ago, which was good. She remembered me and welcomed me back. I sat through the meeting and then through the new member information session. I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous about this new Freestyle program. 10 years ago you had to weigh and measure, you eat until you are satisfied. Eeek! How do you know what that means? There are a lot of foods that are free - low-fat proteins, vegetables, fruits, etc. These had no weights, no size, nothing. How does this work?

The first week was mostly trial and error. I was hungry, didn't know if I was eating too much...not was a learning experience. I lost 6 pounds. It took me a few weeks to really feel like I figured things out. I have been doing great ever since. What I like about this program is that I feel like I am free to eat whatever I want. I can go out to eat. I am learning that I don't have to eat everything on the plate. I try to eat 1/2 and take the other 1/2 home. Sometimes, I do want to eat it all and I do. When that happens, I know I have to adjust what I eat for the rest of the week and maybe do an extra workout or two.

I am not looking at this as merely losing the weight this time. This will be how I eat and react for the rest of my life. I don't want to repeat history. The "whys" are more important this time around. If I go off track, it's ok. Let it go...get back on...and move forward. Plain and simple. I want to live my life and not deprive myself. If I gain a pound or two, it's ok. I can work it off going forward.

If you are on the fence about advice is to give it a good try. Play with the program for a couple of weeks. You will find your groove and you will succeed.

I am about 3 months in and I am a pound away from 30lbs total! I haven't deprived myself of one thing and I feel great! I've got this!

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Monday, March 7, 2016

A Simple Exercise to Defeat Cravings

Found this on the WW Blogs. Posting it here so I can reference it! 

A Simple Exercise to Defeat Cravings

Have you ever noticed how cravings just seem to pop up in our minds, unbidden? One second we're fine and the next second we have a strong desire to eat unplanned food. Sometimes cravings just nag at us; other times they feel overwhelming. Managing cravings can be difficult! Sometimes they manage me, as in my recent Chocolate Easter Bunny Debacle (previous blog entry)! I've been using the following simple mindfulness exercise when cravings strike. I'm excited about the success I've had (not 100% but increasing). Please don't be put off by the length of this blog entry: It takes WAY more time to read through these steps than to actually do them, especially if you practice. At first, it might feel slow and cumbersome. With practice, this exercise takes mere seconds. If you think it's worth a shot, give it a try & keep practicing. It is based on the mindfulness concept that our thoughts are fleeting; they are not static or engraved in concrete. Learning to recognize, evaluate and manage them is a powerful way to connect with ourselves and create more peace in our lives.
1. Identify Specific Thoughts & Feelings when Cravings Strike
"I really crave that right now! It'll taste so good! It will distract me from feeling [fill in the blank – exhausted, bored, stressed, restless, sad, angry, empty]. WW (or work, life, etc.) is hard – I deserve a break! Just this once....”
2. Evaluate Those Thoughts
Essentially I try to step back and honestly consider what I am telling myself. "I'm thinking about indulging in unplanned food. The more I dwell on these thoughts, the more I want to give in. These thoughts are unproductive. I don't want to sabotage myself with these unproductive thoughts.”
3. Release Unproductive Thoughts
Tell yourself, “I'm letting these unproductive thoughts go.” I try to picture my thoughts as leaves being carried away in a stream. Or I picture my unproductive thoughts as birds that glide away across the sky. Images here can be powerful.
4. Substitute Positive Self-Talk
This one is tricky because it must be something that is true, and it must resonate. These are some of the things I say to myself, depending on the situation. “I am proud of myself for resisting. I'm not hungry. I want to be slim and fit more than I want to indulge. I am learning to make healthier food choices.” Say whatever resonates with you.
5. Celebrate the Awesomeness of You!
There is nothin' wrong with feeling proud – smug, even – about successfully negotiating a craving! It is a triumph to choose what we want MOST (health, weight loss, feeling good) over what we want NOW (sugar, fat, temporary pleasure / numbness / distraction).
Here's to all of us finding ways to manage our cravings and lead healthier lives.

Losing the Battle

As I sit here, I feel the tightness of my pants on my waist. My weight is slowly creeping back, and I don't like it. Time to get serious. I went to a store with my husband, who was looking to buy some jeans. Well, while he was trying on clothes, I was browsing. Everything I touched, or looked at brought about an emotion...and not a good one. Clothes shopping is hard if you are overweight. Really hard. I have to mentally prepare myself to go clothes shopping. I am not a very "trendy" clothes type of person, but to find clothes that flatter a short overweight woman is not easy. There were so many things in this store that I would have worn...had I not been overweight. 

I remember a few years back when I lost 90lbs, that feeling that came over me when I could shop in a normal people store. I was elated. I could try on anything. No 1X, 2X, or 3X...just regular sizes. You would have thought that that feeling would stop me from ever gaining a pound. Well, it didn't, and here I am. I WANT to feel that again. I do. I just need to figure out what is going on inside my head that is stopping me from getting this done. 

I am feeling pretty focused today. This week I am going to work on finding my routine...tracking, exercise, keeping busy. 

I was reading an article over the weekend and it mentioned an app that helps you track your water, so I downloaded it. It's called Plant Nanny. It's kind of fun. When you log your water in the app, a cute little plant grows. Kind of fun! I also downloaded an app that compliments me called I Am. It is in the App Store. I can't find a link to it, but it looks like this...

 You can set up this app to send you a notification several times a day to tell you something positive. Just started using it today as well. Will keep you posted on whether it helps or not! 

Here's to finding my routine and my focus. 

Goals this week:
* Track
* Exercise at least 3-4 days
* Keep busy
* Make good excuses!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Big 5-0!

Well, the day has finally arrived. I still haven't totally come to grips with this number yet. I got my AARP application a month ago, and I haven't even opened it. I am in denial yet. How can this be? I don't feel that old. I am one of those young-at-heart kinds of people. I see that number and I stop and think about what it really is...
...I have lived over half of my life
...I will, hopefully be retired in a little under 20 years - Yikes! daughter will be 21 in September...21! Ugh! parents are only getting older (I have already lost my dad)

It's these milestone birthdays that always make me a little depressed. I was ok with 40, but just makes me feel like the end is closer than I realize. Scary.

I watched a video on Facebook the other day - - it was about regrets. I have so many...and many are deep. I know that some of these are what hold me back. I just haven't found a way to wipe the slate clean. It seems easy...but it really isn't.